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Euro 2008 Quarter Finals- Discussion

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19th June - Portugal vs Germany
20th June - Croatia vs Turkey
21st June - Holland vs Russia/Sweden
22nd June - Spain vs Italy

Some juicy ties coming up.
Who will progress? Who is looking in top form?
Who do you want to win at this stage?

All discussion here.
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yahoo!!mo said:
After tonights games really want the dutch to go on and win it italians have done another mafia job on the ref and the beeb w***ing over buffoon for one average save from a sighter is doin my head in - even Arsene wenger could see VDS has been the best keeper in the tournament he's rolled back the years again
first post and swearing. naughty naughty!!

even the fr**king stars aint allowed here you know. expect the warning!!!

VDS is top notch and i realise how much i miss Van The Man.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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