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dlan4327 said:
World Cup easy. I just finished watching Czech Republic Vs Switzerland, I recorded it. Very glad I did, not worth getting up for.

However there was one massive plus for me. Cech made 6 saves and kept a clean sheet. So my fanatsy football looks good thus far.

I also had Carvalho, I choose him over Pepe :(, & Rozenhal who both got clean sheets.

Now I need Klose to bag a hat trick, Ballack to grab a brace, 6 assists from Pirlo & Modric... and a goal from Di Natale.

If all that happpens and Ribery also manages to single handedly defeat Netherlands by assisting all three of his own goals... I could win this comp. :)
What do your fantasy football points have to do with this thread? :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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