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Also most German teams are member owned. In fact they have a 50%+1 rule, which says clubs must only be owned with the fans being the majority shareholders.
I'm almost certain that Hamburg have well over 50,000 members/owners of their club.
Fanatical supporters. Massive terrace area also drink while the game is on.

Dortmund is the 9th biggest city in Germany - equivalent to Leicester. It is in the heart of the Ruhr valley - a hard working class community, and traditionally, Germany's industrial heartland. The people are hard working, passionate (incredibly passionate) and pay a working man's price to support their team.

They sold their allocated 31,000 tickets within 75 minutes and had to turn down 181,000 additional applications for the tickets !!!
RedForceRising said:
One of the most loved AND hated teams in Germany is FC Schalke 04. Also knows as FC Scheisse for obvious reasons.

Now, their example might be taking fan power too far, but it is fascinating that the fans are so unified and have so much say. The fans actually determine ticket prices and have voted for price hikes in the past when the economy was doing well and brought it down when the economy was bad.

And inspite of this, they manage to challenge for the title every now and then. They came very close in the 06/07 season before losing the plot in the latter part of the season.

When the board was ****ing the fans off, they decided not to clap during a game even when a goal was scored. During another game, at a specific time in the match (i think 19 minutes and 04 seconds, 19:04 - the founding year of the club) the whole stadium turned it's back to the pitch in protest! - you gotta love that kind of fan unity!

You can bet your last dime the board is very mindful of the fans.
Both of these posts are very interesting, and sound great.

I actually think that German football is highly under-rated.

Yes, their club teams don't have the strength of other nations, such as England, Spain and Italy (although Italy are fading)

But the league is very competitive, and their are some very, very good players and some very good teams playing in Germany.

I would love to watch more of it, but thats not possible atm unfortunately.

Hopefully I'll be able to do it next season. ;)
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