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Saw this picture in paper today and it gave me a poignant reminder of our history of the club and the competition

Come on United!!!! Play in memory of the Babes who died doing what they loved doin the most, playing football in a Manchester United shirt.

58....68.....99......2008!!!!! BELIEVE

Nice one Antdevil. :)
MUNICH 1958, NEVER FORGET !!!!!!!!!

Just adding this....

This year marks the 50th anniversary of
the Munich air disaster when eight of United's
legendary Busby Babes side died in a plane crash.

The tragic incident is embedded deep in the club's history,
and Ferdinand said the current generation of United players
would use it as a motivating factor.

"For me, it works as an inspiration more than pressure," said Ferdinand.

"I think the pressure comes from within -
your own personal pride and wanting to do well.

"The minute you walk through the door at Old Trafford,
the tradition and history of the club works as an inspiration.

"You want to be regarded as part of the furniture,
part of the tradition of the club,
and to do that you have to win trophies."

SPIRIT of '58
COURAGE of '68
SKILL of 2008.

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