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antdevil78 said:
know we dont want to see them go through but if they go out it frees up an already congested fixture list for them. want to see it like chelsea, finals and then lose magnificently.
hmm valid point, but I still want to see them knocked out.
they would only be freeing up a couple of games anyway.... and we have the squad
to do well on all fronts.
Cmon the Toffees

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Jazz 16 said:
You need to get yourself HOOKED UP lad :rolleyes: :D get a 'box' or something ;)

and yes Gerrard is off lol and for Yossi as well. What a squad lol :p
They are nothing without Stevie Gay.
believe me if i had my way id be hooked up a long time ago ;)

haha yup great squad is right :D why they et pennant go on loan ill never know :D :p
21 - 40 of 201 Posts
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