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Where do you think Rooney will end up?

Everything On Rooney Thread

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If Not Slave has such a thread, surely Rooney deserves at least the same.

The latest accolades from Ferdinand describes precisely why he is such an important player even if he does not score more than we hope for.

And with Fergie promising to revert him back to his central role, will this season well be the season in which Rooney will truly come of age? I do have a good feeling about it and I think the odds are highly in his favour as his play matures.

Wayne Rooney's just too good
Simon Mullock, 3/08/2008

Rio Ferdinand reckons Wayne Rooney is worth two players to English and European champions Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo's 42-goal club haul hogged the headlines last season, but Rooney weighed in with 18 strikes of his own - and set up almost as many more for his team-mates.

Ferdinand believes that the England striker showed a maturity beyond his 22 years for the Reds last season - and warned that defenders at home and abroad really will be running scared if Sir Alex Ferguson is able to recruit a big-name forward like Dimitar Berbatov to help take the strain.

"The thing about Wayne Rooney is that his whole game is based around being a team player," said Ferdinand.

"He will play on the right, on the left or through the middle.

"You will see him chasing back to make tackles in the left-back position. The fella would even play in goal.

"You get so much more from him than most players. It's like having two players in a sense because he does so much work. That means you sometimes don't see the skills, frills and showboating that you see with some other players. But what you do get from Wazza is an end product.

"Fans don't always notice sheer hard work. They only recognise the tricks and the frills but, believe me, the other United players appreciate what Wayne does for the team.

"I couldn't believe it when people said that Wayne didn't have a great season last year. All I can say is that the man must have set himself some very high standards.

"He is what being a Manchester United player is all about. He scored 18 goals and had almost as many assists - despite being asked to play out of position for much of the time.

"Most players would be delighted with that kind of contribution. But if you ask me whether I would prefer a player to score 25 goals and make two assists ahead of Wayne then I would have to say no.

"Wayne is known as a striker, so people look at his goalscoring. Eighteen goals isn't bad, but when you look at how he sacrificed himself for the team then it was phenomenal."

Now Ferguson has indicated that Rooney will be allowed to develop his natural role playing alongside a conventional target man next season.

Berbatov remains the United manager's No.1 choice - but only if Tottenham significantly reduce their £38million asking price.

Ferdinand added: "We have got to wait and see what the manager does in the transfer market with regard to a striker.

"But Louis Saha was unfit for most of last season and, to be honest, if he had been OK then we would have won the title a lot sooner than we eventually did.

"Wayne was forced to take on a lot of responsibility. At times, he was leading the line by himself.

"And in a few years' time I think that people will look back and realise what an amazing achievement that was for such a young player in a team that won the Premier League and Champions League.

"Bloody hell, he did well. Maybe there are times when he needs to be more selfish, but that's Wayne Rooney.

"If he gets to play down the middle in 30 games next season then he will score us at least 20 goals.

"But the important thing is that we get the same level of performance from him next season.

"If he scores 18 goals and makes as many as he did last season, everyone at United will be very happy."

"Wayne Rooney's game is based around being a team player"

"If he scores 18 goals and makes as many as he did last season, everyone will be very happy"

"Wayne chases back to make tackles in every position. He'd play in goal"
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my god , i have so many words but i don't know where to start to describe wayne would be a lot easier on croatian...but to sum it all up - we certainly won't see the player we all thought he would develope into after seeing him on euro 2004... he can still provide a bit of magic but i think we should make him the new paul scholes...he is a very similar player and they have had the similar history...both of them started as an attackers but eventually they both were pushed behind strikers ...they both have that spark that leads the team forward..i'm only frustrated because i said a couple of years ago - it's only a matter of time before the lad becomes the best player in the world - and let us all be honest - he has stagnated... he is still a very good player, a world class player who would find his spot in an every team in the world but the most frustrating thing about him are his dribbles...he ALWAYS, ALWAYS sets the ball on his right foot , he never seems to do a step over at kicks it on the left but always on his right which makes him very predictable and unable to beat men when running 1 on 1 or even 1 on 2...
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reddwarf said:
That's a ridiculous comment. You'll look like a complete idiot booing on your own. :rolleyes:

Rooney may not have fulfilled the potential he showed at Euro 2004 but he's still one of our best players. He scored 17 goals last season, 12 in the Premiership, his passing, vision and workrate are World class.

The fact that he was preferred to Tevez, who was brilliant for us last month, for the Chelsea game speaks volumes about how important Fergie feels he is to the side.
between you and me i think that choice was made on nationality the fact that tevez doesn't find it strange to come on from the bench while it would have been a blow to rooney psychological state...other than that i really can't see why fergie opted for ronney...granted , he's a one-man team, a cult status around here but he's totally out of form/shape
oh and - he should have scored a sitter ronaldo made for him...the match would have been wrapped up then
aaaaanyway - rooney's been shit hot this season and our best striker:whistling:
haha - i knew i was gonna get a response from some of you

i was sort of joking...i don't have any particular opinion about him this season -he's been himself though..

sure he hasn't impressed with his performances but ronaldo did make him look better to some extent - he had someone to pull off an amazing asisst too, he had someone to share an interplay with ,those amazing little one-two's...ronaldo would dragg him to counter attack and vice versa, now he has to adapt to a style without ronnie, and he has to adapt to a more central role up front

but apart from that, he's record has been really great and i'm satisfied with those if he keeps doing it

Just as bad as Gerrard then.
just as bad as 90 percent of players actually

that's why that eduardo "case" really pissed me off...coz he dives lass than both rooney and gerrard

i've only seen him dive once
I meant he was a hypocrite just like Gerrard, Gerrard spoke about how he hates divers, Ronaldo's diving is ruining the game, he would never dive, if his teammates dived he would have a word etc. and of course dives a lot himself. You don't see Ronaldo (just for example, plenty of others too) coming out and saying he hates divers and then goes and does it himself.

I know what you mean about Eduardo, I sort of felt sorry for him too, if he was English or an English hero like Rooney/Gerrard hardly anything would've been made of it. soon as I posted it , I knew you meant hypocrite...and yeah...he is

that's why i rate drogba and ronaldo ahead of gerrard...i just can't stand that [email protected]
good point Crooney. Eduardo was vilified when he dived and there was talk of bans and all sorts. I remember I was at the game at OT (it was the next game or 2 after the Celtic game) and he came on as sub and he got some amount of abuse. What he did was inexcusable but still....
N'Gog had a bad one too recently but not too much ws made of that.
btw . another spoilt brat reaction when subbed is not gonna make him any closer to captain will it

he needs to grow up
Can you see that?? when the Team play shit,,, Rooney will act more bad, he never can arise when all the team get down..
my point is Rooney will play more shit when we were playing bad...:rolleyes:
you really have no clue about football whatsoever...:rolleyes:
I am just saying factual opinion...
and you don't have a clue whatsoever....

out of all people rooney doesn't rely on his team-mates

in fact a lot has been said on here how berbatov can't shine because of his team-mates...
how he can't get involved enough because his teammates are poor and that they can'0t give him the ball

and rooney is a player who will take the game by the scruff of the neck and he will score a screamer totally against a run of play to win you a match

so again, you have no clue
Sky Sports | Manchester United News | Football | Premier League | Fergie - Rooney wants out

Fergie - Rooney wants out

Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that Wayne Rooney has intimated to him that he wants to leave Manchester United.

He claims to have held a meeting with the talismanic frontman and his representative, during which the 24-year-old admitted that he has no intention of signing a new contract and is keen to take on a fresh challenge elsewhere.

Speculation had been mounting that Rooneycould soon be on his way out of Old Traffordafter seeing his relationship with his manager stretched to breaking point.

It is claimed that the England international feels frozen out at present, having been omitted from games he believes he was fit enough to play in - with United continuously claiming that he was nursing an ankle knock.

Rooney admitted as much after turning out for his country in a recent Euro 2012 qualifier against Montenegro, revealing that he had no idea as to why Ferguson continued to overlook him.

The United boss is said to have been incensed at seeing his authority undermined and has made little effort to interact with his star striker ever since.

That has fuelled rumours that Rooney could be on his way in the January transfer window, with Ferguson's decision to leave him on the bench for Saturday's Premier League meeting with West Brom only serving to fuel the fire.

The usual suspects have already been linked with a big-money approach in the New Year, with Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea and even Manchester City all reported to be waiting in the wings.

Bad news

Ferguson insists there has been no falling out between himself and Rooney, claiming the door is still open for him to stay, but acknowledges that a bidding war is now likely with the player making it clear that he intends to move on.

"David (Gill, chief executive) telephoned me and said he was on his way over because he had some bad news," Ferguson told MUTV.

"His agent said he wouldn't sign his contract and wanted away.

"Dealing with the next step was always going to be decisive for us, how we dealt with the situation.

"I asked to have a meeting with the boy and he reiterated what his agent said, that he wanted to go.

"The one thing I said to him was 'respect this club', I don't want any nonsense from you.

"I don't know if he has done that. I have doubts on that, we are reading all these things about falling out with me and all that nonsense.

"It's disappointing because we have done everything we possibly can to help Wayne Rooney ever since he came to the club.

"We have always been here as a harbour for him any time he has been in trouble, the advice we have given him, I was even prepared to give him financial advice.

"But it's not just Wayne Rooney, we have done that for all the players.

"Wayne has been the beneficiary of that, just as Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes there has been no falling out.

"So there we are, we have got into a situation where we had to clarify this for our fans because what we saw on Saturday was unacceptable.

"When we got to 2-2 (against West Brom) and they were chanting Wayne Rooney, it's a pressure on the players and didn't do the team any good so we had to clarify the situation and put it right."

Ferguson added: "It was a shock. I couldn't believe it.

"In early discussions - in March I think - we had discussions with him, he intimated he wanted to stay, that he wanted a life contract with the club, that he was at the best club in the world. It was terribly disappointing to get the news.

"We couldn't understand it."
when was that ?
Anyone else think he will turn up like Gazza?
i already said that on another thread
Thanks for everything you've done for this club Wayne, im happy that we have had 8 years of seeing him develop into one of the worlds most feared strikers. If he joins a rival team it will be a different story but i wish him the best of luck wherever he goes because he has done so much for this club. Love it how people just turn there back on him because he doesnt wnat to play for us anymore. Hes going through a very tough time and its understandable if he wants change.

He is a great player but no-one is irreplacable at Man Utd, but Wayne has done a fantastic job to which someone else will takeover so for me there is no need to be bitter.
certainly a different way of looking at things
No-one said a bad word about Silvestre because he wasnt good enough anymore. Rooney has been our best player and of course there are going to be reactions against him its understandable. I Just think a club like Man Utd needs a world class player to lead the team on. Rooney took the mantle on from Ronaldo and has been contributing to that for a number of years anyway which has made him a huge success here. Now its time for Rooney to move on and for me its time to thank him for his contribution and its time for the mantle to move on to someone else, someone will take over it they always do at Man Utd. His personal affairs have nothing to do with what he has done on the field and coming out against Sir Alex was stupid; However he has been honest with us and given us plenty of time to get a replacement - he could ahve just coem out at the end of august and said i dont want to play and left us in the lurch. The fact he didnt does show that he does care about this club.

And who knows, if he does begin to play again and does begin to regain his form then he may change his mind, so for now my reaction is going to be one more of acceptance than anger.
you don't leave the club you love, the club that you said would spend the rest of your life in just like that...especially not if you're the best player of that club...that's treason
ronaldo pretty much in his first few weeks at OT said that one day it was his boyhood dream to play for Real... so we knew that all along.

he came, he conquered, and gave us enormous success... and when it was time for him to leave, it was arranged ammicably a year prior, and he still put in a shift in that final season. ok, there was the odd tiny tantrum, but ronaldo was always 'pure theatre', so you kind of accepted it.

rooney on the other hand has NO boyhood dream... he's just paul stretfords b*tch, and his career can rot because of it

no, no,no,no,no, back it up a little bit there...when he came , in his first few weeks, i specifically remember him saying that his dream was to play in SPAIN one day...for clubs like REAL or's just that real first came sniffing and was a serious contender for his signature that his heart suddenly chose real...don't expect me to find quotes because it would be impossible, i have a sort of photographic memory and i remember reading it in a black'll just have to believe me
'if' thats true... then im happy to take your word for it, but my point is that we as a club kinda knew that it might end like it eventually did end with ronny, and because of that utd fans dont have a problem with ronaldo
ahhh, great i found it...i found something he said a bit later...which makes him a mercenary in my eyes...which is no crime , but i just want to make clear to everyone that they're all mercenaries and that ronaldo is no saint...especially as he said that he could go to city one it is

Ronaldo claims Rooney incident has ended his Old Trafford career - Sport

note that this is something i read back in 2003 when we bought him, but i was only able to find a quote from 2006

"I don't want to stay in England," he was quoted as saying. "Everyone knows it is my dream to play in Spain.

"Real and Barca are the two teams I like and I will play for one of them. My agent will meet with the owner of Manchester United to sort out my situation. "

first he liked both of them and then he switched his dream to real when he heard they started sniffing

so i was somewhat surprised when i saw how i was the only one who saw a flaw in his statements
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rio rooney berbatov even veron
we doing it for ages its just now the galzers in we get 80mil for ronaldo and what do we get a 10 mil valencia replacemnt as a plc we would of been in for ribery ect
how about ruud
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