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Evra: Do it for Sir Alex!

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Patrice Evra has more than his 2004 Champions League final defeat to avenge in Moscow on Wednesday – the French full-back says he is determined to help win the trophy for Sir Alex Ferguson.

Evra says a manager of Sir Alex's calibre deserves more European Cup successes to his name, and he'll be doing all he can to change that record.

“When I lost the final with Monaco, every day it was on my mind. This is why I said when I signed for United that I want to play in a Champions League final and win to erase the memory of the final with Monaco.

“For me, it's my second final and I need to win this game. It's important to win this game for Manchester United, too, because it's a long time ago since this club's last success in 1999.

“For Sir Alex Ferguson it's just his second Champions League final, but I think for a manager of his quality, he deserves to win the trophy more than once. I hope everyone can deliver this trophy for him out of respect of everything he has done for Manchester United. It's very important for the manager.â€

Evra says playing against Chelsea won't change United's approach to the game or make victory any sweeter. “I want to be a European champion, but not because it's Chelsea,†he added. “Our opponents could be any team and I would still just want to win it because it's the Champions League.

“We don't need to think too much about Chelsea. We just need to think about United and play the football we always do. We will play well if we stick to our game.

“The team that wins will be the team that plays with a fighting spirit. I think my team has the most character in England, and I hope we show to everybody that we have more character than Chelsea.â€

With the world's eyes watching, Evra wants United and Chelsea to show that the Premier League is currently stronger than any other league.

“When I came here, people told me that English football is to just kick the ball far up the field. Now I just laugh, because the football in England is the best in the world,†he said.

“When you see the fans, the intensity of the games and the quality of football, I'm thankful I am playing here. I hope both teams show just how good the English game is.â€

- I misread the title at first and thought I saw something naughty ;)

You might want to know that Evra isn't the ony losing finalist who will be plaing in Moscow. Michael Ballack played in the Bayer Leverkusen team, who lost to Real Madrid.

I hope he loses again and can only say that Fergie really, really deserves it!
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Fergie needs it, busby babes need it, this current team needs it, the club needs it.
there is no enough reason to get that trophy!!
Out of respect for Ferguson, I think the Man Utd players will give that little bit extra more than Chelsea's. It is clear to see from most of the Manchester United's player's comments, that they all respect Fergie immensely and they will do this for him. What other club has players who respect their manager so highly?
Do it for The Busby Babes
Do it for Fergie
Do it for the fans
Do it for Scholsey
Do it for United

2 European Cup's isn't good enough for a team with the History and Traditions of United. We deserve to be up there with the top teams in Europe with the number of European Cup's won, and three would look more respectable. 2008, I hope, will be a year United fans will remember for a long time.
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