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Ok, so who’s the best trainer?
Hmmm… I’ll go for Ji-sung Park. He’s full of energy and runs around just like he does in every game. He’s difficult to play against in training because sometimes you don’t know where he is – one minute he’s behind you, the next he’s somewhere else – he’s like a ghost!

And the worst?

Tony Strudwick, our fitness coach! [Laughs].

Who would you say is your most intelligent team-mate?
That’s an easy one, van der Sar. He’s got a lot of experience and knows a lot about different things - he’s a very clever guy. He’s great to play alongside because he helps you a lot with your positioning.

What about the funniest?
I’d say Nani. He’s a great guy, a strong player who always trains hard, but someone who also likes to have a laugh.

Name the best-dressed Red…
[Ryan Giggs appears and points across to Nemanja Vidic, who is sat nearby and says “He’s definitely the most improved!”] [Patrice laughs] I’m going to say Tomasz Kuszczak.

And the worst?

If he was still here I would have said Louis Saha, but instead I’ll go for Tomasz Kuszczak again - one day he’s the best, the next he’s the worst!

Your first car?
It was a silver VW Golf. I got it when I was in France and it was really nice to drive.

Last book that you read?
I don’t read a lot, to be honest. Although I do like football books, particularly ones on United and the club’s history.

What can you remember about your first United goal?
To score against Everton in front of 76,000 people was an unbelievable feeling. Afterwards, all I kept thinking was I want to do it again and again and again. My goalscoring is the one thing I want to improve.

Who’s got the best taste in music at United?

That’s an easy one – me! I like every type of music from R&B to hip-hop to rock, and I try my best to look after the music in the dressing room as well as I can, so that I can keep everyone happy.

You’re the boss, who’s in your Reds five-a-side team?
I’d go for Ryan, Scholesy, Fletch, Ji and Tevez.


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Very pleasing to learn that a foreign player is interested in the history of the club. :thumbsup:
Very true :thumbsup:

Good read that, I love the interviews with the players about their team mates.

His 5 a side team is puzzling though :confused: You'd definitely have the likes of Rio, Ronaldo, Rooney in there because of their control and skill.
I found that confusing too .. but i think he was being a bit biased :rolleyes:

I thought Anderson was supposed to be the funny one.
And i always thought Rio was the one ..
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