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Found this article some of you may find interesting:
Fergie calls them the triplets :D


My best friends at United have to be Carlos Tevez and Ji-sung Park.

I’m friends with every player here at the club but off the pitch, if I go out for dinner, it’s always with Tevez and Ji-sung Park. I’m very close to those two. Nobody understands how we are good friends and the boss calls us ‘the triplets’!

It’s like a classic joke: a Frenchman, an Argentinian, a Korean… how does it work? But it’s always funny when we’re together, we are always having a laugh.

That’s another great thing about playing for United: where else would I have the opportunity to be friends with someone from Argentina and one from Korea? But the three of us play a lot of jokes. It's a pleasure to come into work and see these guys.

When Carlitos arrived I used to speak to him in Spanish so we would spend time together, and Ji would join us as well. That’s how it started, now we’re best friends.

The three of us sometimes play a game of 'two touch' before training: if you touch the ball three times you lose. Carlos doesn’t lose very often but that’s only because he’ll say you gave him a bad pass or you made a bad touch that caused him to go wrong.

So Carlos probably loses least often, but not because he’s better than us!

Patrice Evra was talking to's Nick Coppack.
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