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Manchester United defender Patrice Evra has refused to rule out a move away from Old Trafford after revealing he has yet to agree a new deal.

The 26-year-old, who has another year to run on his contract has held talks over extending his stay at United, but has so far yet to put pen-to-paper on a new deal.

The French international says he loves life at Old Trafford, but admits the ball is now in United's court regarding his future.

"We have already had one meeting about my contract," Evra told the News of the World. "The directors know my position. I give my all for this club.

"I love the club and its winning mentality.

"When I play video games I cannot be another English team. It's a crisis when we lose one match here.

"I haven't lost two in a row in two years. There's incredible stress.

"Even if we were to draw against a team like Arsenal, we would get a volley from the manager.

"But that does not mean everything. I may leave next year or in two years."

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They prob dont want to have their pants pulled down over his wages and righlty so. Why is it whenever we get a good left back they always create some sort of problem (Heinze).
SAf should create a baby Denis Irwin from scratch so we would be OK in that dept for years - if only.

If he doesnt like the wages then he knows where the door is. I like him, he's a good player but I'd do his job for free if I could run around for more than 5 mins.

These people dont realise how good things are for them and it disgusts me. Brown is the same, ungrateful little sod. Fergie should give them both a slap.
BTW, Ive been sticking up for Brown for donkeys years but hes lost my respect and Evra is heading the same way.

Brown is lucky there arent many better options about, otherwise he would be playing for West Brom by now.

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What is it with full backs and contracts this season :rolleyes:

Come on Patrice! Sign the deal. If he moves from United it will be downhill for him. I really hope we keep him because he is a great player and has been one of our most consistant players this season

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It is indeed saddening to know that the bottomline of established players these days is almost always about $. Ferdinand sat on it for the longest time, Brown still playing hard to get and even now Evra is playing his cards.

Honours, glory, atmoshere, fans, excellent team to be playing in, loyalty, love etc are always cited freely with emotion in interviews..... until the pivotal moment before an existing contract ends. Then $ takes over and suddenly becomes the stumbling block to put pen to paper. Suddenly, the player needs to "consider all options".

I can understand that a player's career is short-lived and he does need to provide well for himself and his family to prepare for the remaining days of his life. But for crying out loud, we are now witnessing established players haggling over what is between, say 50,000 and 55,000 pounds, or 100,000 and 110,000 pounds. And we are talking about per week basis.

I feel players these days are perhaps getting insatiable, preferring to major too much on the minor ie the difference in pay packet but fail to take in the entire package that includes the intangibles that are priceless instead.

But this is the reality of the modern day football. Like it or not.

In this respect, despite the ultimate sin of wanting to play for Liverpool, at least Heinz did not choose to leave because of $ alone. That I can still appreciate in this aspect (only).

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worried about evra ?

i saw a report in a tabloid newspaper at the weekend about something patrice evra has been saying ! stragnely enough it seems he has followed in the footsteps of another united full back wes brown down the greedy path, as reports are suggesting he will now demand the wages that rio ferdinand is on ?:confused: it also said that if he wasnt content with a deal being offerd he would leave :( :confused: should this boy not forget fergie and the reds made him the player he is ? he was a joke in his debut season pretty much and now he has been coached into one of the best left sided full backs in the world but this is worrying me if the club does not stand firm we may have a revolt on our hands ? not every player can be on 80 90 k + a week ?
what do you guys think ??
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