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Evra: What's his problem!!?

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Manchester United defender Patrice Evra has lifted the lid on his simmering row with Kevin Davies, claiming the Bolton striker's apparent dislike for him is ‘bizarre'.

An ongoing clash between the two was the most interesting subplot of Saturday's shock 1-0 win for Wanderers at The Reebok Stadium, and the treatment dished out to United's Frenchman infuriated Sir Alex Ferguson who was sent to the stands for his protests at half-time.

Davies was the prime culprit as he felled Evra on a number of occasions and earned himself a yellow card in the process, but the United defender also thundered into a challenge on his opponent as well in the first half.

Evra has now explained how Davies has borne a grudge against him for a year, and that he was furious with the treatment he received at the hands of Gary Megson's side.

"I received more tackles than I've had in my life,†said Evra.

"It was the same last year when he kicked me as well. I said to him then: 'Why do you do a tackle like that?' and he said: 'Because I don't like you'.

"I didn't understand it. Here he did it again. I think his first tackle on me should have been a red card.

"I don't know what the problem is with Davies, because I don't know him. It's bizarre.

"I was very angry. The captain and the others said to me: 'You need to concentrate on the game, you must not react to a bad tackle like that'.

"I also said to the referee: 'You can't play football like that — this is not a football game'.

"When I play football I do it to play the ball, not to kick somebody. And I keep my eyes on the ball."
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Boateng (Boro) has the same problem with Ronaldo, everytime they meet its fireworks.
The secret of successful debate is to argue with dignity.
Evra should have been straight redded for that dive last night, luckily, he wasn't!
General observation on the thread as a whole Jazz
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