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Ezequiel Garay could become a Manchester United player in the summer

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Racing Santander's Ezequiel Garay could become a Manchester United player in the summer, according to the papers and the defender himself.

The 20-year-old Argentinian caught the eye of several superclubs with his performances for Racing in La Liga and he claims United are also interested in him.

I was astonished to hear this. I saw him play for Racing and he's pretty good but what's the point of signing him. I see three options.

Someone's lying to him. But why would anyone do that? Easy: to increase his price. Of course, that process does not require fooling the player in question but I believe it would be an effective way of achieving that goal.

Second option is that he's misunderstood something. For example, it was said that Fergie liked his style of play and he was led to believe it meant he would be signed by United soon.

The third and most terrifying option is that Gill, Fergie and the Glazers have all gone mad. Why? Because we have a plethora of defenders in the squad and there's a real danger that Gerard Piqué with all his enormous talent would leave United to join Zaragoza permanently and Danny Simpson did not rule out the chance of a move to Sunderland. And of course, there's Jonny Evans, with Ferdinand and Vidic still have plenty of good years ahead of them.

Why would we sign another defender, however talented he is? Gareth Bale, maybe but he can play in left midfield, too. But another central defender? Surely just an attempt to get his price rocketing upwards.

has anyone seen him play? ( Ezequiel Garay)
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Same here, never seen him play. But i dont see why we shouldnt buy him? Perhaps he's a bit like Bale? Perhaps Garay can play in midfield too?
well we got Rio, Vidic and Silvestre. Heinze can play the role of a central defender as well and we got a few defenders out on loan so i dont see why we should buy another CD.
They're not true central defenders no but they did they job good enough when needed to.
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