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F C United of Manchester and now...

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AFC Liverpool ! I also know that Arsenal fans are also on the road to forming their own fans owned club.
As more and more of the ordinary fans are being priced out by the big clubs prices and others disillusioned at the way football is going in general i think we are going to be seeing a lot more fan owned clubs being formed.


We have now reached the point where you can join AFC Liverpool !!!! This is a potentially historic club, and you now have the chance to be a founder member.

AFC Liverpool is currently in discussions with the North West Counties League with the aim of playing competitive football in time for the forthcoming season.

To make this happen we need you to become a founder member of the club. At this stage, the key thing we need is the money to make this club viable.

It is now up to our fellow Reds to provide that by donating to the club, and by joining the club itself.

AFC Liverpool will be a fans owned, fans run club. The more we can raise the more likely it is that we can make this a huge success.

But without that money this venture will not succeed.

It is up to you now. You can breathe life into AFC Liverpool by becoming a founder member, by donating to the cause, and by making regular gifts to the club.

The minimum you need to pay to become a founder member of AFC Liverpool is just £10. But we'd ask you to be generous if you can do and give more if you possibly can. (People have paid £35 to own Ebbsfleet Utd, so we'd suggest the same here if you can!)

You can become a founder member RIGHT NOW by visiting

Let's make this happen!!

AFC Liverpool

PS Everyone who joins the club in this first wave of membership will receive a Founder Member Certificate from the club!! Your place in our history! So don't just join for you - join your kids and your grandkids too and give them a place in our history also!!
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Would be a good idea if it wasnt Liverpool.
Seems to be what all the big clubs are doing.
Just goes to show the fans disillusionment
with modern day football. Its sad that things like this need
to be done to make a point.
Good luck to them
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