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Seems the FA have changed their minds again ffs...

There now WILL BE a minutes silence before the England game on the 6th Feb ...

They just never cease to amaze me this FA organisation ...

Make a decision and stick to it - idiots ...

No wonder England managers don't last too long ...

A minute's silence will be held before England's game with Switzerland on 6
February to mark the 50th anniversary of the Munich air disaster.

Eight Manchester United players were among 23 people killed in the crash.

The Football Association were worried the silence would not be respected but a
spokesman said on Monday: "We believe very strongly this will be respected.

"There's a feeling across the country that a minute's silence is the best way to
remember everybody who died."

FA chief executive Brian Barwick has spoken with his United counterpart David Gill
and club secretary Ken Ramsden to ensure the club are happy with the plans.

Bevington added: "The players will be wearing black armbands and there will be
film on both giant screens of the Busby Babes.

"There will also be a tribute to the Busby Babes in the match programme.

"This was a tragedy for Manchester United in 1958 but we should also recognise
there were England players who were lost while representing English football in
European competition."
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