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FA CUP 3rd Round: Aston Villa v Manchester United

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Venue - Villa Park

Date - 05-01-08

Kick off - 5.15pm

Red Devil said:
FA Cup is here again and United make their 4th trip to Villa Park, Birmingham, in 7 years in this third round tie. Always a toughie, could come back to OT for a replay this one. Depends on our fitness and injuries. 5.15pm kick off.

I agree totally with the above and with the form we have been in recently there could be an upset.

It will certainly be a tough match and we will definitely need our strongest team out against Villa......

I think Fergie will sort things out this week on the training ground and the players will be ready for "our second home!!!, Villa Park"....

I'm going for a 2-1 United win.........:)
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Fair enough, we need our strongest team. But look at United's record against Aston Villa, it is brilliant! We all know Villa Park is like a second home for United!
Villa in the FA cup AGAIN. Its like Groundhog day again.
As AG said above Villa is like our second home but on this occasion Im not as confident as I have been in other games at Villa.
Villa will play their best team and who knows what United will do?
Tevez has now been ruled out as well. SAF may want to give a few more bodies a rest in this hectic period.
Im thinking we might lose this, so even a draw and a replay in OT might be a good result for us.
it's gonna' be a hard encounter, it has always been against Villa, especially at Birmingham. i hope Rooney will make it to the game, and i hope for a win, cause we have a very busy schedule, and another game, well let's say it this way: we don't need another game, not against Villa. If we win, i'm going for a tight match, and maybe a 1-0, or 2-1 score...
i predict 2-0 win.The team need to field our strongest team
4-0, Rooney should hopefully be back for this one! I can see SAF starting a few players like pique, eagles and fletcher :(
mm i dont know about this
i will be upset if we lost but more upset if it went to a replay
but i can see a 2-2 draw
Villa are a good side in good form. Although we had a comfortable 4-1 win at Villa Park earlier in the season I think this game will be much closer, especially if Fergie decides to rest some key players.

Rooney should be back, which is great news, but I think it could be a really tough game on Saturday. I'm edging towards a 1-1 but hopefully we can get the job done without the need for a replay and grab a 2-1 win.
Villa are a strong team but I think we are cabable of beating them at Villa Park.

I see us beating them 2-0. :)
If we play like we did against WHU and Birmingham we're done for !!

We will be beaten !!!

I'm disappointed the way the team plays without Rooney....

I thought we had a lot more about us than that.....

But from the evidence of the last 2 games - maybe not !

Or maybe we just had 2 'off days'.....

We'll soon see.........
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I also agree that it will be a hard game and as Carly said we play like last 2 games we will lose but Rooney should be back to cover Tevez's injury i cant see SAF playing too many youngsters so im going to go for a 3-1 win with the third coming at the death

Anderson, Rooney and Vidic

Agbonlahore (or however its spelt) :D
man i can wait for anderson to get his first goal.I would be soo happy.As for the fa cup tie im going for a 2-0 win Ronaldo and Rooney
Keano4taoiseach said:
^ Abonglahor ;)

If you're going to correct somebody at least do it properly :p

Agbonlahor :rolleyes:

I say 3-0 United win :)
-zuco- said:
If you're going to correct somebody at least do it properly :p

Agbonlahor :rolleyes:

I say 3-0 United win :)
LMAO *:eek:*
VILLA IS GOING DOWN! we must start fast and dominate mid-field.rooney should give us good jumpstart. i see 3-1.
BALROG said:
VILLA IS GOING DOWN! we must start fast and dominate mid-field.rooney should give us good jumpstart. i see 3-1.

I was thinking along the same scoreline actually. I just hope Rooney feels up to getting up to his usual tricks on the day and United will have a great match!:D
I have a few concerns about this one.
Villa are well overdue a result against us, they are in good form.
We on the other hand are struggling a bit and it will be a makeshift team.
Also not that im into conspiracy theories but........
The next round is due to be played the weekend after the Reading game, and after the Reading game we are heading off to that pointless Saudi Arabia game.
This would mean that if we were to go out to Villa we would convienently have a free weekend once we get back. MOTWYW
Keano4taoiseach said:
^ Abonglahor ;)
Bertie ! It's AGBONLAHOR ffs!:p
Anyway,I'm goin' for a United victory at 3-1. Wayne Rooney x2 & Nani(if he plays).
If Nani don't play,I'm going for a goal from Vida^^! Also,Martin Laursen to score thiers.
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