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A Premiership side AGAIN!!!! :rolleyes:

Not just any Prem side either. :eek:

I'm glad it's at OT. We can win the game but what a tough draw!

Especially when Liverpool get Barnsley and Chelsea get Huddersfield - both at home. :rolleyes:

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FA Cup 5th Round Draw

Fifth round fixtures:

Bristol Rovers v Southampton

Cardiff City v Wolves

Sheffield United v Middlesbrough

Liverpool v Barnsley

Manchester United v Arsenal

Preston v Portsmouth

Coventry City v West Brom

Chelsea v Huddersfield Town

The ties are scheduled to take place on 16 and 17 February.

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We are just unstoppable in my opinion this year and with the squad we've got and the calibre of players within the squad the treble is on once again.

Arsenal are always tough opposition but at home I believe we will have the upper edge and with Hargreaves on fine form and Scholes back in action, we should win.

Nevermind Ronaldo, Tevez, Giggs, Rooney who are all playing fantastically well and my little pet Anderson ;)

Why do we always get such tough draws in the FA Cup, it's so unfair, I hear.
Who cares!!!
If you want to win trophies you've got to beat the best.

Bring on Huddersfield/Barnsley in the next round :D

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Relax, babe. No problem at all. Where? Where?

We always know how to handle Arsenal as evidenced in our previous encounters.... as long as we don't just sit back after taking the lead, inviting waves after waves of attacks until 'accidents' happen.:rolleyes:

Oh, and don't forget to play Anderson against Fabregas.;)

And scoreline? Based on extrapolation and simple logic, (5:1) + (3:1) = (8:2) = (4:1);)

Next opponent please?

But seriously, I noticed in any competition, the team that scrapes past the stronger teams almost always win the trophy.

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ryan giggs has let it slip that he is following his 99 cup superstition going this year so we cant be beaten . what superstition you ask ? the boy is not going to shave his back till june !!!!!!!

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Same 'ol, same 'ol..............Liverpool and Chelski get handy "byes" into the next round while Manchester United have to do it, as usual, the hard way. Nothing comes easy and if your gonna win it you want to say that you beat Aston Villa, Tottenham and Arsenal along the way, dont you!


"Oh yea! Great season by us, to win the FA Cup! Great wins in every round, beating, Havant and Waterlooville and Huddersfield. We played so well there!"

All I can say that it will make us a better team and we're well equiped for it too. So........"B-R-I-N-G, O-N T-H-E A-R-S-E-N-A-L!! BRING ON THE ARSENAL, BRING ON THE ARSENAL............

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We got to beat the best to win so lets give them a beating at OT.
This may have some significance in the destination of the Premiership.
If we can get one over on them and break their confidence then this game can be a really important one.

Ill never forget '99 when we played them on the way to that famous Treble.
Fantastic game with that absolute stunner by Giggsy....

Im a bit sick of those dirtbags Chelsea and Liverpool getting simple draws but hey thats life.
Liverpool so far: Luton, Havant &Waterlooville and Barnsley :rolleyes:
United so far: Villa, Spurs and Arsenal. Spot the difference.........

This season has just got more exciting. It could well be a monster season yet :)
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