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We meet Arsenal next!

This season, we seem to be getting all the tough end of the draw and I'm sure all of us are relieved that we'll be playing at home. :( Especially when you see the Pile and Chelski getting easy fixtures. :mad: Oh well, SAF has always said that we always seem to be doing things the hard way.

Anyway, I think it'll be good for us to put Arsenal to bed early while our squad is relatively injury free and in good form. An added bonus will be to strike an early psychological blow to any hopes they have of vying for the treble and a preview of things to come when they visit us for their away PL tie. :cool:

Glory, glory Man United!!

Sorry but I didn't realise that a similar thread had already been started in the Chat section and I think it'll be better for me to join them over there.

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All this talk ...

"It's a fix" ...

"It's unfair" ...

Etc, etc ...

Rubbish ...

The draw is made live in front of everyone !!

They have adjudicators etc etc I'm sure ...

This is just life ...

Thankfully Fergie and the team don't worry about all his nonsense ...

They just go out and do their jobs ...

And I feel confident that Arsenal are a lot more scared than United, lmao ... :p

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30 games against Premiership teams out of 37! :eek:
Have you counted Millwall in that? :confused:

Not that it matters. United should be used to doing it the hard way by now.

I expect us to get through against Arsenal, then face Liverpool in the quarter-final, Chelsea in the semi-final and West Brom in the final :rolleyes: :D
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