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dublin red said:
I'm probably going to get lashed out of it for saying this but here goes .
I hope we do draw one of the premiership sides and I hope we are beaten . Why ? . I look at it this way , come the new year we are going to be 2 games behind in the league and then its the serious stuff in the champs league . I really feel in modern day football you have to be choosey about the cups you go all out to win . Dont get me wrong I love the the FA cup but I'd rather win the league and/or the champs league any day . I hope I havent annoyed the purists too much . I'm only thinking of the players come March/April/May .
Hmm, I see what your saying, but its still a highly prestigious trophy.
If you were saying that about the Carling Cup I would be more understanding I guess.
Its tough to win the lot but we have a great squad and this cup could be a good
opportunity for Fergie to give the young lads a chance, especially if we play a
team from a lower division. Obviously winning a Prem or a CL is more important
but you cant underestimate the glory of the FA cup. I went over last year for the
cup game against Pompey and I was gutted for SO long after that defeat.
It could/should have been another treble last year, and thats nothing to be sniffed at.
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