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FA Cup Draw

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This coming Sunday it is the 3rd round draw of the FA Cup. What is the betting United draw another Premiership side for the 12th consetutive time while Chelsea & Liverpool draw the usual easy ties.
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We will get a really nasty home draw v the likes of Exeter ;)

Actually I would like a premiership side, away, every game, we usually go on to win the thing then ;)

Preston v Liverpool
Hull City v Newcastle
Chelski v Southend
Man City v Forest
Birmingham v Wolves
Southampton v UNITED
Histon (took out Leeds) v Swansea
Spurs v Wigan
Arsenal v Plymouth
Bournemouth/Blyth Spartans v Blackburn
Macclesfield v Everton
Sunderland v Bolton
Gillingham/Stockport v Villa
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Full Draw

Portsmouth v Bristol City
Sheffield Wed v Fulham
Preston v Liverpool
Birmingham v Wolves
West Ham v Barnsley
Middlesbrough v Barrow
Hull City v Newcastle
Hartlepool v Stoke
Chelsea v Southend
Manchester City v Nottingham Forest
Cardiff v Reading
Ipswich v Chesterfield or Droylsden
Charlton v Norwich
West Brom v Peterborough or Tranmere
Torquay v Blackpool
Leyton Orient v Sheffield United
Southampton v Manchester United
Millwall v Carlisle or Crewe
Histon v Swansea
Forest Green Rovers v Derby
QPR v Burnley
Leicester v Crystal Palace
Tottenham v Wigan
Morecambe or Cheltenham v Doncaster
Arsenal v Plymouth
Notts County or Kettering v Eastwood Town
Bournemouth or Blyth Spartans v Blackburn
Macclesfield v Everton
Watford v S****horpe
Sunderland v Bolton
Coventry v Kidderminster
Gillingham or Stockport v Aston Villa.
Ties will be played on the weekend of 3-4 January
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1 - 3 of 51 Posts
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