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We've had a lot of 'turnarounds'. We're not even in bad form, 1 loss doesn't change the fact that we're on the up. 6 wins out of 7.


Team I'd go for:

De Gea
Fabio, Smalling, Ferdinand, Evra
Carrick, Anderson
Januzaj, Kagawa, Young

Bench: Rooney, Valencia, Lindegaard, Vidic, Evans, Cleverley, Zaha.​
on the up my arse. we got results against bang average opposition.
And lose to teams we should beat. Kagawa is shit evra cant defend for toffee anymore,rio is a crock,anderson a fat waster
who cares if we go through as you know he will bottle it against any half decent side later on. Face facts lads we are on a long term slide to mediocrity under frog face. He will not get the money needed to improve the squad and will be ryans puppet till he gets sacked in two years time
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