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Draw on ITV live at 6.45 pm (GMT).

Who do you want ?

I know Le Arse are a round behind yet but i can
see them going through to the semi's.

Predictions for the 4 semi finalists are..


United to get Le arse, remember 99, and Rents V Everts.

United v Everts final would be sweeeeet !!!

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Anyone but Chelsea.

The Wembely pitch is really heavy and doesn't suit passing teams at all, which would be a mjor advantage to Chelsea.

I would be confident of beating Arsenal though as when we play them we usually get stuck into them and abandon our passing game, bar the game at the Emirates this season.

I'll take anyone except Chelsea..

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I hope that we play against Chelsea or Everton. I would like to avoid Arsenal because they have very fast players. Unfortunanly Vida have average speed up and that`s our problem. With Chelsea we can play every time and we can hold our net untuched. Also we lost last time when we played against Arsenal. So I would like to do have it like this.



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Obviously we'd hope for Everton, would like to avoid Chelsea, they're beginning to play some decent stuff under Hiddink. Arsenal wouldn't be too bad but they always seem to turn it on against us, although we whooped them last year in the QF's ;)

I reckon we'll get Chelsea though knowing our luck.
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