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Unbelievable news! Mascherano's ban.......has not been lifted! :p

Surprise, surprise, the FA have not only disagreed to the appeal, but they have also stated that he may miss a further two games as a result of his immature actions on Sunday at Old Trafford.

His manager who seemed to have lost it on the sideline, is backing his player and is demanding a meeting with Mr. Keith Hackett, to find out why his midfielder was sent to the dressing-rooms early.

Mascherano is being charged of improper conduct by the FA.


What did he expect? He was just out of order and its these sort of things that need to be cut out!

No wonder Ref's are buckling under big decisions when 4 or 5 people are effing and blinding at him for a decision that went against them

Referees deserve the respect that players deserve. It goes hand in hand and to me, if the Ashley Cole incident hadn't occurred prior to Sunday, Mascherano's red card wouldn't have come from a second booking of dissent.

Hopefully, this week is a significant one, in regards to respecting ref's!

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he deserves double the punishment if he appeals,all the players who show such disrespect to the officials need to be sent off in just might have a wonderful influence on future players attitudes , if drastic measures are implemented now,football can only win.

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Mascherano has been handed an additional 2 match ban (so will miss the Arsenal and Blackburn games) and £15000 fine after a personal hearing regarding the charge of improper conduct handed out after the game against Man United.
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