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Yesterday, South America stated that FIFA had to be 100% okay with the FA hosting games overseas to which is a small barrier to them. Today another barrier has been firmly set up infront of this propsosal, and this one is a lot stronger. Aisa, one of the main places where matches would have been played aren't happy with and are not for another League playing games outside their country.

"The Asian Football Confederation has become the latest national body to distance itself from Premier League plans to play league matches overseas.
Asia was thought to have been one of the leading contenders to stage the controversial 39th round of games.

But AFC president Mohamed bin Hammam said: "It's not a good idea to organise domestic leagues in other territories.

"My recommendation would be to reject initiatives of this nature." US chiefs also expressed reluctance to the idea."

BBC Sport


Maybe now the FA will relalise thatthey've steped ove the line, what with fans against it and now continants which they were aiming at opposing it too...

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