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The FA have today written to Sir Alex and his assistant manager, Carlos
Queiroz, in relation to their comments after the surprise result at Old
Trafford in the FA Cup last Saturday.

Fergie was left fuming after and showed it in his interview. Fergie
berated the referee and said that the he should be assessed. He the
went on to criticize the FA for not dealing with poor referring decisions

His number two, Carlos, was seen on BBC, saying that, he (The ref)
should have been given a red card. Then bizarrely, he brought Taylor,
the player who broke Eduardo's leg into the topic, saying that "the
Taylor's of this world" are getting away with too much and something
has to be done. He did however apologize for his comments about Taylor,
saying that it was in the heat of the moment.

This was all after Ronaldo had been charged over the sideline early on and
soon after was denied hat seemed a 100%, spot on, definite penalty, to
which the referee waved away. Were the two being too strong in their
comments? Have the FA done the right thing in writing to them asking
them to explain what they meant after the game? Bothe have until next
Wednesday to reply.

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I just think that the FA are untouchable at this point, no managers are allowed to comment on them. And if a manager does have a negative comment on Hackett or anyone else at the FA, they will be fined. Isn't that ridiculous? The FA should explain to the public and managers, on why does Martin Atkinson can escape without a fine on such a poor refereeing decisions, he is the one who should be fined! Sometimes the public need a transparency on what will the FA do to referees that come up with poor decisions. I'm 1000% on the gaffer's back on this one.
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