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FA unveils £1 Cup ticket scheme

FA unveils £1 Cup ticket scheme

Children will be able to watch selected FA Cup third round matches for only £1 as part of the Football Association's newly-announced 'One FA Cup' promotion.
Adults buying full-price tickets for the games at Blackburn, Sunderland, Plymouth, Huddersfield, Bolton and Wolves can take a child along for £1.

"The third round of the FA Cup has a unique place in the calendar," said FA chief executive Brian Barwick.

"We want to give families the chance to experience the magic of the Cup live."

The FA is funding the initiative, which covers both home and away fans, and has chosen a geographical spread of matches that also feature sides from various levels.

The third round of the tournament takes place on the weekend of 5-6 January, with 64 teams competing.

The games selected are Blackburn v Coventry, Plymouth v Hull, Bolton v Sheffield United, Sunderland v Wigan, Huddersfield v Birmingham and Wolves v Cambridge.

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Keano4taoiseach said:
I have a slight suspician that the Glazers will not be undertaking this scheme......:D
The FA would not offer this scheme to Man United but the Glazers would have no problem with it.

The FA is subsidising the scheme so if a ticket costs £20 the FA pay £19 and the child gets in for £1.

They would not offer this to Man United for 2 reasons...

1. They could have to subsidise 35000+ high priced tickets, which would cost them a fortune.

2. The idea of the scheme is to increase attendances at FA Cup games and United rarely fail to sell out.
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