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Fabian Delph ??

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I know Utd have been linked with Fabian Delph at Leeds for a few months, and reported in the press as having made a bid for him (turned down by Leeds), but on the official Leeds website Delph was removed yesterday from their squad list. Looks like he was sold last night. Who to? Is he at Carrington today???? or has he gone to Arsenal, hope not, dut also doubt Arsenal will be spending big money on a future talent when they dont have much money to spend and desperately need to strngthen their fist 11.
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Over the course of the season, the lad has looked quality, definitely top-4 calibre...
you have to put that into context though. The opposition he is up against are usually piss poor. His team are piss poor too so he shines in comparison to the rest of them.

Lets not forget that at west brom, Richardson seemed amazing. He came back to united and was anything but.
Completely different, we saw Richardson at United, and knew he wasn't worth keeping...

Delph picks out passes and has incredibly accurate shooting for a young lad...
yeah i know, we actually had richardson at united so we knew his level.

What im trying to say is, if we forget his career at united before the west brom loan, you would think he is shit hot based on that season. He wasnt though, just a medium sized fish in a small bowl.

Delph may turn out to be good though, he won the young player of the league or something like that and a lot of teams are chasing him. Who knows? you see a lot of kids being hyped up.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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