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Why are people getting carried away about Delph, he's playing for Leeds in Division 1 against piss poor players FFS.. Any young lad who has pace and is decent enough on the ball could look brillant..
He's still young and is doing quite well but he needs to saty at Leeds for atleast another year..
I see Walcott was mentioned there, yeah how long did it take him to look any good in the PL? He's still not that great of a player either.. Ramsey? He's hardly played for Arsenal and won't play all that regularly for another 2 years.. Leave Delph at Leeds, he's too young..
Remember Liam Miller at Celtic when we signed him? Just an example of signing a young player for a big club too early in his career..!
Walcott was only 16 when arsenal signed him. ramsey was 17 when he shined with cardiff last season. but delph is 18 already. i say, sign him and play him in the league cup next season and also bring him along with the first team squad to pre-season friendlies. he will benefit more from this than playing regular football at league one.
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