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He still speaks through a translator.

According to an unnamed player he doesn't offer the players encouragement or sympathise with them.

Players who have played under him say that 1/3 of the dressing room always hate him but as long as the majority like him he does not care.

With a team like England at the moment, with players obviously lacking confidence and direction on the pitch you have to wonder will Capello's style of management work?

He is not the type of manager you will have a drink with or refer to as Gaffer. He demands respect and does not 'cohort' so to speak with the players!!!

What do all you english and non-english fans think of him so far?

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honestly i dont think it matters terribly.

Capello is a very good manager, BUT he plays very defensive(not english way of doing things)

4-5-1 in every game is a no no for me!....

Lastly though i believe that he cannot do any better than other managers have, for 2 reasons.

1.These players are all "superstars" and don't really care about england as much any used to be an honour, coming before everything but i could guarantee that every england player (except beckham) would put club before country!

2.We need a motivator in my opinion....i'v got so much stick from mates but if someone asks me who the next england manager would be (before capello) i choose stuart pearce.
He has passion.He Motivates. And i think that he could put the pride back into the three lions.

Good Luck Capello though.
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