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honestly i dont think it matters terribly.

Capello is a very good manager, BUT he plays very defensive(not english way of doing things)

4-5-1 in every game is a no no for me!....

Lastly though i believe that he cannot do any better than other managers have, for 2 reasons.

1.These players are all "superstars" and don't really care about england as much any used to be an honour, coming before everything but i could guarantee that every england player (except beckham) would put club before country!

2.We need a motivator in my opinion....i'v got so much stick from mates but if someone asks me who the next england manager would be (before capello) i choose stuart pearce.
He has passion.He Motivates. And i think that he could put the pride back into the three lions.

Good Luck Capello though.
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