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Cesc Fabregas has told Spanish radio that he will assess his future at the end of the season.

The Spanish star has also admitted that a return to Barcelona would be a 'dream come true'.

Fabregas admitted he opted to stay at Emirates over the summer following his success at Euro 2008 with Spain.

The midfield schemer claims he stayed for the sole reason to try and win trophies at Arsenal, as so far during his five-year Gunners career he has picked up just one medal after lifting the FA Cup in 2005.

Now he is determined to pick up some silverware this term, but admits he will then look at his options.

"Right now I'm fine at Arsenal but I cannot deny that to return and play for Barca would be a dream come true," he told Catalan based station RAC 1.

"I chose to stay at the club last summer and right now I'm totally focused on the reason for that decision which was to try and win trophies.

"We'll see how things have gone by the end of the season.

"The fact is that Barca are playing cinematic football right now and it's fantastic to see that the other day when they beat Atletico Madrid 6-1 they had seven or eight guys who, like me, came through the club's youth system."

Messi praise
Fabregas, who left Barca for Arsenal as a 16-year-old, admits he still loves to watch his former team-mate Lionel Messi.

"Messi is the best player in the world and he has been for a long time, never mind what people used to think about Ronaldinho in his prime," he said.

"During Messi's football life I've seen him do incredible things on a football pitch, as a kid or now as a leader of the Barca team."

Fabregas also admitted that he is missing playing alongside midfielder Alex Hleb - who moved to Camp Nou last summer.

"Every week I chat to Alex Hleb on the phone because he's the guy I most miss at Arsenal. He's a friend and I also loved playing with him," he added.

"He always looks for you with a pass and if you give him the ball you can always count on getting it back at the right time."
Source: Sky Sports

dont think he will leave arsenal just yet.. i can see him play for barca but maybe in 5 years time

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That'd just about end all of Arsenal's trophy hopes. They should make him captain. He's clearly the leader of the team, and maybe it'd make him want to stay more. Though I suppose that didn't effect Henry's decision.

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He is just being honest. Why wouldnt he want to return home? and play with his mates? in a savage team?

He is just saying it sooner rather than later so its not a complete shock.
Its like Tevez saying he will play for Boca at some point in his career.

A bit like Ronaldo as well, its just Fergie wouldnt let him leave lol.
Wenger wont be able to hang onto Fabregas.

Great player and would be a loss to the Prem when he does go,
but **** it, our rivals will go to crap when he leaves so its all good if he does split. ;-)
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