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Fahim considering £750m Chelsea bid,16368,2483_4835674,00.html

The Arab tycoon behind the takeover of Manchester City has hinted he may become the man to finally test Roman Abramovich's Chelsea resolve.

The Russian billionaire owner insists he has no intention of selling the club - a position underlined by chief executive Peter Kenyon at a fans' forum last weekend.

But Dr Sulaiman al-Fahim, working with a group of German investors, believes everything has its price - and may be ready to launch a takeover bid reported to be in excess of £750million.

Fahim is understood to have drawn up a proposal with Falcon Equity - a Swiss-based private equity partnership.

Fahim, CEO of Abu Dhabi-based Hydra Properties, also chairs Falcon Equity, which is run by Holger Heims, former managing partner of 'DVC' Deutsche Venture Capital.

"We have looked before at some European clubs to see if the numbers added up, and now we are doing the same with Chelsea," admitted Heims. "I can't go into more details at this stage.

"I don't believe anything is ever not for sale if you come up with the right price. It's not about trying to buy a football team but about a business.

"You don't make money because 11 guys run around the pitch, you make money because of all the other commercial aspects that go with a football club, particularly real estate and television rights."

Fahim added: "It's not entirely clear if Chelsea is for sale, but regardless of that, we first need to see if we are in a position to buy it.

"Given that Roman Abramovich has invested more than £500million into the club, it would not be cheap, and with the current credit crunch, nobody wants to be over-exposed on one deal.

"But through a number of investors, there is money available to put together a deal," he told Arabian Business.

Abramovich's personal fortune is understood to have been affected by the global credit crunch but he is expected to underline his continuing commitment the club when their accounts are published next month.

But Fahim will have to come up with an exceptional deal to persuade Abramovich to relinquish his hold on the Blues - especially as he continues to reject any suggestion of selling up.

Kenyon said: "We have had investment of £600million in the last five-and-a-half years with excellent facilities and football during that time.

"Next year we expect our operating profit to break even. Our financial accounts for 2007-08 are published in February and any notions about the owner losing interest are dispelled in that.

"The owner does not have to sell Chelsea and he doesn't want to."

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versa said:
What if it is true and he is successful?!!

Owning both Citeh and Chelski?! Is that permissible?

Conflict of interests? Implication in match outcomes?!!

Getting crazy...
I think he'd have to sell Man City.

I'm pretty sure you can't even own to clubs from UEFA or any number in the same confederation. Wouldn't be fair to buy players for one club and not the other, etc.

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I don't think he'll be allowed to own two players in the same League.

I think you're allowed in different countries (Abrahamovic owns CSKA Moscow does he not? And Vladimir Romanov owns Hearts and Kaunas) but he won't be allowed to own two in the same country.

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I agree, I can't see you being allowed to actually own 2 teams within the same league.

My guess is, if this is true he's trying to get away from Cifty and if his bid for Chelsea is successful he'll sell City for like a pound and go to Chelsea, after all money is no object.

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They invest for one of two reasons .

Either they think they will make money out of it .

Or its an ego trip .

Who would buy city off him though ?

They are heading towards a huge wage bill ,without the success to go with it .
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