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I've had some interesting debates online regarding the difference between a fan and a supporter.

Some people seem to think there is a difference - that supporters invest time and money in following the club whereas fans just follow the fortunes of the club - although I've always maintained that since fan is short for fanatic I don't see how you can come to this conclusion.

Whether you're a fan/supporter there are obviously different levels of dedication. Although I sometimes find it difficult to clearly define a level of support.

Many supporters will claim that locally born season ticket holders are the real fans but are they more dedicated than a season ticket holder living in London who goes to every game?

I am emotionally devoted to Man United. When they win I feel joy, when they lose I feel despair, when they draw I feel ambivalence (pleased they haven't lost, sad they haven't won).

I will never claim to be devoted as some - I don't have a family to support financially and I only live an hours journey from Manchester so if I really wanted to I could give up some of the other things in my life and apply for a season ticket. However, I refuse to acknowledge people who claim I am not a real fan just because I don't go to every game.

There are people all over the World that are emotionally devoted to United - that feel all the ups and downs this great club go through and will support them until the day they die. For me they are all true United fans, whether they attend games or not.
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