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HARD-UP football fans are set to see season ticket prices soar.

They face having to pay record sums to see their Premier League heroes in action next season.

Supporters’ groups have blasted the “greedy” rises as exploitation.

And they are furious that fans’ hard-earned cash will be blown by players on luxury cars and homes.
Despite earning £1.7billion in TV revenues, clubs are set to charge fans an average of £590 for a basic seat – an average increase of 7.2%.

FA Cup winners Portsmouth are demanding £705 for seats in the south and north stands next season – a rise of 17.5%.

And Sunderland are said to be charging 12% more than last year, pushing a seat in the west or east stands up to £500.

Malcolm Clarke, chairman of the Football Supporters’ Federation, said: “Huge amounts of TV money are still pouring into the Premier League.

“There is no justification for any price rises at the top of the game, let alone those well beyond inflation.”

Blackburn, Tottenham and Wigan have all imposed increases of 10% or more, while European champions Manchester United will charge fans an average of £665, a rise of 6%.

Chelsea have kept their prices the same as last year, but still remain near the top of the list – an average season ticket costs £790.

Only Bolton have yet to reveal prices for next season’s matches, according to the BBC ticketing research.

Mr Clarke said: “For too long, some clubs have believed that there is no limit to the extent to which they can financially exploit the loyalty of their supporters.

“They may just find that this greed will come back to haunt them.

“These rises are unjustified and they may find fans voting with their feet.”

Fans are blaming greed and soaring player wages for the surge in prices. Half are considering ditching seeing games because it costs too much, according to the website

The cost of replica kits is soaring, too.

Aston Villa is charging a mammoth £75 for a full adult kit, including the home shirt, matching shorts and socks. Spurs are asking for £73, including £23 for just shorts.

But clubs defended their price rises. A Spurs spokesman said: “To progress, we need to continue to raise our level of investment.”

A Sunderland spokesman said prices had been frozen for the past seven seasons, adding: “Effectively, we’re still catching up. Ours remain the 4th or 5th lowest prices.”

Portsmouth also said its figures didn’t take into account “early bird” deals, which rose by just 5%.

Gary Double, the club’s director of communications, said: “We spend a lot of time ensuring our season ticket prices are the cheapest we can possibly make them.”

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its a total rip off ,just so greedy players and their agents can earn crazy amounts of money and its happening at all clubs.
i know many people who are falling out of love with the game,due largely to the fact they just can't afford to follow a club on a regular basis.we sit in front of the tv being told that this player earns 5 million a season ,when i earn £200 a week and they want £30+ for a just does not make sense anymore and so many clubs are in debt ,football needs to wake up before its bankrupt.:eek:

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More money coming in and they still want more

Last season it was estimated with the extra TV money, every single game last season they could have let the fans in free and they would have still been no worse off.

Puts it into perspective.

The clubs know that as long as the fans are prepared to stump up the cash they can get away with squeezing them for every last penny. The only way this trend will reverse is if numbers in the stands drop. It really is a case of "Don't feed the greed". Easier said than done perhaps but it is the only solution to the greed clubs have in the Premiership.
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