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A fans survey has found that Man United serve up the worst food in Europe but have the best stadium!

The poll questioned fans from around Europe on stadiums, the food served, the atmosphere and public transport facilities.

Here are the top 5's...

1. Man United
2. Arsenal
3. Barcelona
4. Newcastle
5. Man City

1. Liverpool
2. Celtic
3. Portsmouth
4. Barcelona
5. Newcastle United

1. Arsenal
2. Barcelona
3. Norwich City
4. Kilmarnock
5. Wigan Athletic (must be all those great pies!)

For the record, the worst 5 for food...
1. Man United
2. Rangers
3. Celtic
4. Tottenham
5. Chelsea

Now I'm glad I always get something to eat outside the ground before the match!!!

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Jazz 16 said:
They even lie about the girls ages, surprise surprise. Sue was 21 in the sun last year, yet this year she is 20 :confused: :p

I know they do.

There is a Page 3 girl called Melanie Boorman from Morecambe. The Sun says she is 24 but I was in the same form at school with her and she was older than me...I'm 26!

Everything you read in The Sun must be taken with a pinch of salt but don't forget that they are just reporting the surveys findings - they didn't conduct the survey.

The poll was conducted online and was available to 1100 season ticket holders from various clubs across Europe. From the findings I would guess that most of the people who responded to the suvey were from the UK or Spain.
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