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reddwarf said:
A fans survey has found that Man United serve up the worst food in Europe but have the best stadium!

The poll questioned fans from around Europe on stadiums, the food served, the atmosphere and public transport facilities.

Here are the top 5's...

1. Man United
2. Arsenal
3. Barcelona
4. Newcastle
5. Man City

1. Liverpool
2. Celtic
3. Portsmouth
4. Barcelona
5. Newcastle United

1. Arsenal
2. Barcelona
3. Norwich City
4. Kilmarnock
5. Wigan Athletic (must be all those great pies!)

For the record, the worst 5 for food...
1. Man United
2. Rangers
3. Celtic
4. Tottenham
5. Chelsea

Now I'm glad I always get something to eat outside the ground before the match!!!
lol me too the pasties are more floppy than a 72 old year man who's lost his viagra

carlyluvsunited said:
I cant believe any of it - it is from 'The Sun' :eek:
thats why it's the biggest selling newspaper in the uk:rolleyes: and it's sister paper the news of the world is the biggest selling newspaper in the world

1,423 Posts
carlyluvsunited said:
This is why so many are ill-informed if they read this nonsense....

The Sun is biggest selling paper for UK but News of The World biggest in world ?

No, sorry you are wrong !!!

Soviet Union has newspaper they call 'Trud'.....truth......sales of 21.5 mill.

Soviet Union has weekly newpaper 'Argumenty i fakty' ........argue the facts...........sales of 33.5 mill.

Japan has 'Asashi Simbun', 'Mainichi Simbun' and 'Yomimuri Simbun' all over 4 mill.

Germany has 'Bild' sales over 4.5 mill.

India has 'Dainik Jagran'........21.2 mill.

The Sun 3.2 mill and News of World 4.1 mill very small really but page 3 is nice for the boys :p
lol no need to go to all that trouble, im not gonna sit here and fire facts and figures at you, just saying what i heard on tv, the sun sells 10 million papers a day and the news of the world was the biggest selling SUNDAY paper in the world
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