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Thousands of supporters will pay less to watch
Premier League football next season after five clubs
decided to cut their season-ticket prices.

Everton, Sunderland, Manchester City, Newcastle and
are leading the way with a variety of reductions
to help fans through the recession.

Five others, Aston Villa, Tottenham, Chelsea,
Hull City and Arsenal
have announced a price freeze.

The remaining 10 top-flight clubs are yet to reveal their pricing structures.

BBC SPORT | Football | Premier League | Fans to benefit from price cuts

Be very interesting to see what United do regarding our prices next season.
Don't hold your breath though since price rises have probably been factored
in to any 'debt management' plan.

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I don't think they're reducing prices to help the fans at all, that's just the spin they're putting on it. The real reason for the cuts (in my opinion) is because they can't fill their stadiums. Eastlands is always about two thirds full, which is ridiculous for such a MASSIVE club ;). Sunderland are offering kids tickets for a pound a game in a bid to fill the stadium and get the kids involved at an early age and hope they keep coming as they grow up. Not sure about the other three clubs, but I very much doubt it's anything to do with helping the fans save money. Regardless of the motives behind it though, it's still good news for them.

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I think with Everton and Newcastle the price cuts are an attempt to appease the fans.

On forums and messageboards there always Everton fans whinging that Kenwright doesn't spend enough money on players. Although reducing one of your main sources of revenue is an interesting way to try and address the situation!

Newcastle fans are still very peeved with Mike Ashley. They want him out but it appears that they are stuck with him for now so he's obviously trying to get the fans on his side.
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