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Fantasy Football League 08/09

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Right people. Most of you will know how to play this.
Click here:
make your team. type this code into the leagues:
and off you go. This game is great fun and can get pretty addictive.
It can also be a good test of your all around player knowledge.
Good luck, enjoy and Ill get some vcash going for the winners.

If you need help with anything, just pm me and make a post here
saying you have joined the league.

Edit: Vcash prizes for this game are as follows and they are beefy enough (thnx RM)

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Fair play lads. You know you can make as many changes to your team as you
like until the league starts?
Yep, cheers jazz.

Was in a league last year... damn, I'm gonna miss havin Ronaldo as my captain!
I do this every year so I'll defo be signing up for this :D
Bit busy at the moment, I've got a good few weeks yet though, no rush :p
can i add yu guys into me and my mates league league.its called the KJ cup

and the code is

joined. nigelchin fc :D - league champions 2008/09 :D
nigelchin said:
joined. nigelchin fc :D - JAZZ16 league champions 2008/09 :D
dream on nige :p
I did the necessary editing for you. We all know Im going to win, its a fix surely :D
You've all got no chance cos my team is in.


^^You know your not supposed to tell us your team zuco! :rolleyes:

You'll probably change it between now and the start anyway.

I will say though that you have players that I do too! ;)
-zuco- said:
You've all got no chance cos my team is in.


You weren't in the Biwater league last year were you Zuco? Someone had the same team name...
Fanstay Football

I have made a league on Fanstay football if any 1 wants to join ma league here is the code 107338-56086
1 - 20 of 170 Posts
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