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So they've gone shot themselves in the foot again by getting rid of another manager before he's had a fair crack at the whip.

I think its an absolute disgrace sacking Alladyce. He proved his worth having Bolton punched above their weight for years. Then he gets sacked after just 5 months at a so-called big club who arnt doing great but are safe in midtable and still in the Fa Cup.

The main problem though isnt any of the managers they have or even the players. Its the f**king big headed fans who assume every time they get a new manager they instantly think they should be competing for a Champions League place. Success does not happen overnight dyou really think Man Utd or Arsenal would have been as successful as they have been the last 10 years if Ferguson & Wenger were both booted after just 24 games?

The biggest joke of all though is that their next man in charge will probably be Arrogant Shearer, who has as much managerial experience as i do.

Congratulations Newcastle you've just made an even bigger laughing stock of yourselves.
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