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Nice thread Pizza. I can see where you got the idea lol ;-)

So many memories of Roy, a lot of them in this vid, which I love:

My best personal memory was when I was a steward in Lansdowne Rd.
and he was making his comeback game in Apr 04 vs Romania.
I was just so happy he was back but then I got to meet him very briefly where
he gave me a thumbs up and a wink. I was delighted.

Other memories include his goal for Ireland vs Portugal, his winner against Citeh
after we were 2-0 down, his numerous fights lol, his barnstorming tackles,
his aggression, passion and the way he played the game, his 2 goals vs Arse,
his last goal for United vs Brum, his lifting of ALL those trophies, his post match
analysis', his payback on Alfie, his autobiography, his captaining skills, especially
his tunnel incident as Pizza posted, his fearlessness no matter who he was up against.
There are many many more. My all time favourite player and that will never change. My hero, a legend!!!

Pizza- A bit I love and always notice in the first vid you posted is after 54 seconds.
Just pause it and look at Rooney's face lol. He is just going 'Uh oh' and biting his lip. Always cracks me up.
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