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Don't mean to get too cheesy here, but the greatest memory in connection to Roy Keane is actually the most meaningful conversation I've ever had in with my estranged uncle who is also my godfather.

Long story short, the whole family has cast him out and ostracized him, so I haven't spoken to him for yonks.

He's a Man United supporter, so I called him up after the CL victory to wish a belated birthday and talk footie. We spent over an hour on the phone talking tactics and Rooney not fulfilling his potential, but we also spent a lot tlaking about Roy Keane and that he's still sorely missed.

He has not been replaced and in the CL final, nobody grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck like Roy would have.

My uncle knows and appreciates Roy Keane, as if he were an Irishman, but he's actually a Singaporean Chinese. :) At one point he said: "Roy Keane was not only UNited's captain, he was my captain".

I thought it was cheesy, but understood where my uncle was coming from.
Uncompromising on and off the pitch, no matter what the rest of the world thinks. Everyone can sod-off anyway. ;)

The way Roy and Ruud left was wrong - even, if it was time for a new chapter.
He deserved better.

Nobody fought harder in a red shirt under Sir Alex Ferguson than Roy Keane and Bryan Robson.

Nobody could boss a match like Roy Keane could. Even Vieira stood in his shadow.

Sometimes, his fierce competive fightin spirit overshadowed his technical ability, but that is not fair, because Roy could pass that ball just as good as the best of em and hardly ever put a foot wrong.

My personal favourite moment was in the semi finals of the CL in 1999.
2-0 down at Del Alpi, i thought it was over and could just pray for a miracle.

Roy KEane led his troops like a man posessed and my prayers were answered.

That he did not get the chance to play in Barcelona is perhaps one of the biggest travesties of the modern game.

In the champions league final, the biggest game in all of club football, no player should be banned because of bookings in prior games.

That's just one of many Roy Keane moments and I still miss him. A LOT.

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jd_united said:
In late July 2005, United were abroad playing the pre-season tour but Keano had not gone due to an injury he picked up. He was fit though to travel to Walsall to play in what effectively was a reserves side. I went along to the game with a poster I had of Keane lifting the FA Cup in 2004.

After the game Roy came out but did not just rush onto the coach. He stopped and signed for the fans. But I noticed that he didn't sign for just anyone, he was signing for the people he thought were really United fans. He made sure that people like me, who were in United shirts and had bought something special along to get signed, got seen to ahead of those who just wanted the match ticket or programme signed and were probably just Walsall fans or locals hanging around.

I thought that was special because it was like he wanted to look after our fans and of course I was delighted to have a Keano autograph which is proudly sat in my bedroom :D.

That's a great memory jd!

I'm sure i would that poster would be proudly displayed in my house as well.
It was great of Roy to look after United fans like that.
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