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A few for me...(No particular order)

Obvioulsy his goal in Italy which pulled us back and started the ball rolling. That
glancing header got us to the final for me and its a footballing injustice that the
legend never played in a Champions League final.

Roy Vs. Patrick
Every clash with Arsenal so really. Loved the rivalry between the two. Two hugely
confident players both as hard as nails, going at one another. Classic!

I've no idea why, but I always remember when Roy struck the bar at Anfield from
about 35/40 yards! It was the game where Rooney beat Dudek and ppuffed his
cheeks out at the Scousers. Strange memor, yes, but it just sticks for some reason

Need I explain. He still hates him to this day probably! Imagine Shearer took over
the Toon, what a Tyne-Weir (sp) derby that would be!

Its probably an incredibly wrong thing to say, but I loved it! The passion of a
human was summed up in two seconds! THAT "assult" was pre-meditated. He
knew he would get his reenge and boy did I respect that! Never **** with
Keano! The way he just kept the same face after seeing the red, and casualy
walking off after giving his piece to the injured Haaland. Oh, also the crowd.
Despite everyone seeing the obvious red card, they were booing when he got it!
lol Even as he got the red, "KEANO! THERES ONLY ONE KEANO!..." rung around OT

The relationship with Fergie was brilliant. I'll never forget the hug the two had
after winning the league in '99, and Fergie in his specs! lol Basically, Roy was
Jesus, and Fergie was God. Roy was put on the pitch to emulate Fergusons

What a story. It ripped houses all over Ireland apart! The bottle he had to stick it
up to Mick was incredible! His book summed so much up. Devasted to see him
leave the WC, but respect his move

Champions League Trophy
That bit at the end of the Nou Camp celebrations, where the team lined up and
he and Scholsey both lifted it together. Great moment.

Double Moment
When he netted twice at Highbury and slienced all the home fans! The a la
Cantona stance, staring at the fans striking fear into them! lol

I'm The Boss
Who could forget the moment when he and the "boy-o's" ran the ref off the pitch!
From the centre, he led the charges, effing and blinding at the ref, veins bursting
every second, saliva spraying out at every curse, and the ref just backing away,
backing away over to the sideline. I loved that

Thats just a few....but its amazing the career he had. A treu United legend, and
my favourite United player ever!
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