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Jazz 16 said:
Keane's book is the best followed closely by Paul McGrath's.
Ive actually read all 4 of the ones you mentioned. I didnt like Pele's book tbh.
Just found it/him boring. Maradona's book was funny and crazy. He was mental lol.
I liked Niall Quinn's book (met him and got it signed and all) and Norman Whiteside.
Also read Eric's, Giggs', Rio's, Roon and Ron's, Robbo, Cloughie, Gazza, Vieira,
Fergie, Townsends, Sharpes and a few more. I love getting an insight into the
player and life on and off the pitch.
I've read the ones in bold....along with Sir Bobby's, and the Rooney one not by
him. It was called Wayne Rooney - Simply Red

Keano's one was brilliant IMO.

Also have this one called The Unique Treble which analyses the entire '98/'99
season and shows little graphics of all our goals too...loved that book.

Oh and if the CL 08 Final Match program counts....then that too! :D:D
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