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Some good points there Faz, and an interesting take on proceedings.
You mentioned the relegation battle which has now hotted up......
Seems as though Bolton and Fulham threw themselves a lifeline.
Its tight at the top we are but its also tight down the bottom,
and we all love watching a good relegation battle. It makes the
season that much better imo.

Good point about the boring Chelsea...they are still trucking away
but even their fans are booing them off at HT cos they play deeply
unattractive football.

And to the big game and 'our defence being as tight as a nun's knickers' lol

Ive been getting excited about this game for days now and I cant wait for
tomorrow. All the signs are indicating towards a decent win, but Im more
worried than that.......I think it will be 2-1 or 3-1 to United.
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