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Well well well what a week a week thats seen united fans world wide go from joy to nervous wrecks then back to joy in 90 minutes of what I like to call an amazing nightmare . Dont take that the wrong way im overjoyed and may not sleep until may the 21st but them 90 minutes were a killer . Ive now come the conclusion manchester united are now a team who enjoy putting us through hell on a weekly basis . Please I ask dont do this to us in moskow my heart cant take anymore .

The two semi finals were tense affairs with more twists and turns than a contestant on come dancing . Over at the bridge we had drogba looking more likely to win a oscar for bizarre goal celebrations . This man's a man mountain he dominates control's play but is a mad as a schizophrenic fighting with his own players and coaching staff alike . But a special mention must go to avram grant who must of took lesson's on diving off drogba as when steven gerrard tried to take the ball from him he fell back into his dugout its the comedy classic of the season.

Over at the laugh factory more storys have risen that sven will be sacked at the end of the season . What make's me laugh about this whole sorry situation is sven has got away with it , it being the big payout and without being made to look like a money mad gravedigger. The rumour mills have been rolling and jose mourinho has been mentioned and also scolari but im half expecting there chairman to take the manager's job himself . Let's all sit and enjoy what promises to be a action packed summer at eastlands .

Anyway the last mention goes to rafa benitez and his liverpool team which is a right old mix of circus sideshows . You have the crazy man mascharano , the worlds tallest man crouch ex prisoners pennent half man half women benyoun and gerrard running round like a man on drugs . I dont know if anyone agree's but liverpool have gone backwards xabi alonso is a shadow of the player we once new crouch is lorded as a world class striker but is at best a aston villa player . It doesnt stop there gerrard has started playing on his own running with the ball when players are there for a pass shooting from silly places . All in all rafa benitez has problems around about seven or eight of them back to the drawing board I think so expect the usual summer transfer madness of rafa .

Give your views on my column am I right or is my view completly the opisite of yours
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Quite good faz.

Although Rafa may not be at Liverpool for that much longer after the end of the season ;)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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