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Banana-rama said:
This is a thread where Zenit are accused of fixing matches, so when you post a comment saying that there is too much corruption in football I must assume that you are talking about Zenit St Petersburg. I know there is no truth in this story because as I already said I watched the majority of Zenit's matches in the Uefa Cup and all of the matches in the latter stages of the tournament and I never saw anything suspicious. They won the Uefa Cup because clearly they were the best team in the competition who played the best passing and attacking football throughout the tournament and are a joy to watch, if anyone doubts there pedigree I should remind you that they also beat Manchester United in the Super Cup and the 2-1 scoreline flattered us to be honest.
good post. I agree. And Zenit with Bayern will bring an action against these newspapers.

look at video and ask what a goal was not fantastic? Pogrebnyak's goals or maybe Zyiryanov's?....or lil' Fauzylin scored simple goal?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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