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Banana-rama said:
The Sun newspaper is the biggest selling newspaper in Britain but it is still a garbage paper that completely makes up stories on a daily basis so I would not take much notice of how much this Spanish newspaper is selling if I were you. We have seen the rubbish that can come out of the Spanish media with the lies that were printed in the Marca newspaper every single day during the transfer window so I would not believe this story at all until there is something official. I watched the majority of Zenit's matches in the Uefa Cup and they won the tournament fair and square playing some magnificent passing football.

The only eye brow raising result in the Uefa Cup involving Zenit last season was the way they hammered Bayern Munich. I think it would be impossible to bribe a huge club like Bayern to throw a match, could you really see the likes of Van Bommel Ribery and Klose going out to lose a game of football. It is impossible that they bribed the referee's against Bayern because there star striker Pogrebnyak was given a ridiculous yellow card in the second leg which he didn't deserve which led to him missing the final. If you watched the Uefa Cup Final you would see that Rangers gave everything they had but could not live with Zenit, I did not see any bias from the referee in favour of Zenit at all in the final.

So in conclusion I do not believe this story, Zenit St Petersburg have deserved there success thanks to some of the best passing and attacking football I have seen in my time watching football and it should not be clouded by these rumours.
I agree.

We don't know exactly what the match-fixing involves, whether it means the referee, the opposition players, etc. But none of the referees made very dodgy decisions from what I can recall.

And why on Earth would Bayern throw a European Semi-Final? And why would Rangers throw a European final?

Sorry, but I find this story a load of crap. Until their is any form of solid evidence, and full details of what actually went on, I'll not change my opinion.
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