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red lady said:
so you want everyone to be away just because of points of view...:rolleyes:
Serious attack on Banama lol hehehe

Well friends match fixing is not difficult for some people.

I've seen Jannat an Indian film, its concerning match fixing.

I'M not telling that Zenit one was a match fixing though. lol

But it give you idea how match fixing is done, if you give two player lots of money and they are not accepting then with it giving them death threat they are forced to do it. It just an example.

I'm telling this just because where mafia is involved you never know, let wait for action from Zenit & Bayern.

The question is why did the mafia said that !!!!


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lol - yeah - banana says that zenith had been playing one of the best attacking fluid footbal he had ever witnessed so it must be true....never mind what the rest think

i mean even the police can't confirm anything but he can

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Uh I missed this one...

Well I dont say Zenit done anything wrong. Everyone was innocent in Calciopoli too until they found the evidence.
The fact is that there's a lot of suspicious things going on. Betting companies often get huge bets on odd winners. Most of the times they are fast enough to close the event but sometimes they do lose a lot of money and its very hard to investigate this. It take ages.
And no fishy was gong on in Germany either before Robert Hoyzer was caught. So if it has happened in Italy and Germany why not in Russia or even in England?
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