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Fergie and Quieroz face charges

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Ferguson and Queiroz face charges for post-game rants

Daniel Taylor
Monday March 10, 2008
The Guardian

Sir Alex Ferguson could face charges over his outburst after defeat to Portsmouth. Jason Cairnduff/Action Images

Sir Alex Ferguson is almost certain to face a disciplinary charge from the Football Association after his criticisms of the referee, Martin Atkinson, turned into a rant against Keith Hackett, the man in charge of the Professional Game Match Officials Board.
Carlos Queiroz, the No2, is also likely to be charged after describing Atkinson as a "robber" and insisting that a new rule should be introduced allowing referees to be replaced during games. "I feel sorry that the game has moved to the situation where referees deserve red cards," he said. "This referee deserves somebody to come to the side of the pitch after five minutes, give him a red card and pull him out of the game. That is my opinion of this robber."

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The FA applies disciplinary charges if there is an allegation of impartiality and it is difficult to see how the United pair can expect to get away with their remarks. Ferguson claimed Portsmouth were encouraged because they knew the referee "was on their side" while Queiroz was equally forthright. "What we cannot accept are referees who watch only one side."
Their anger stemmed from Atkinson's decision not to award a penalty after Sylvain Distin barged Ronaldo. "I just cannot explain that decision," Ferguson said. "Managers get sacked because of things like that and he [Atkinson] is going to referee next week? It's ridiculous."

"The referee is a disgrace," Queiroz added. "We did our job, Portsmouth did their job but the referee didn't. Sadly, we still have referees who don't understand what is the right thing in the game and who they should be protecting."

That was a reference to Ronaldo, who claimed he was "scared sometimes to do skills" because of the treatment he receives. "I don't blame Portsmouth," said Ferguson. "If you're going to come here and you know you're going to get off with these things . . . I think Keith Hackett's got a lot to answer for in this country. I don't think he's doing his job properly. He's got his favourites, as everyone knows. You look at the refs we get away from home - Steve Bennett, Mark Clattenburg, Phil Dowd, all these people - we never get them at home, always away, and I think that tells you everything about him [Hackett]. Clattenburg - oh, Jesus, God."

Ferguson felt Lassana Diarra should have been sent off and, ignoring the fact that Wayne Rooney committed the most dangerous tackle in the game, Queiroz referred to Eduardo da Silva's recent injury for Arsenal and then questioned why Diarra had been allowed to "elbow" Ronaldo. "Then Diarra becomes a saint," he said of the man of the match. "This is why the [Martin] Taylors of this game can survive and some of the best players are out of the game."

"This is a matter for the Football Association," said a spokesman for the PGMO. "As a point of information, Keith Hackett has no responsibility for the selection of match officials for FA Cup games." Hackett was not available for comment.

First of all - comments about Diarra are idiotic to say the least when knowing that Rooney should have been off for that tackle on Kranjcar ! These kind of statements make them look like sore loosers, even if taking into account a fact that they HAVE something to be mad of. there were plenty of talking points and Diarra is certainly not one of it , not after rooney's tackle ! Second of all - I'm wondering - whoever does something wrong on and off the pitch - gets punished , but it seems that only refs are untouchables ! I mean they can have their own match with those stupid decisions and yet avoid punishement ! It's ridiculous to say the least ! I agree with queroz on this one - if 4th official sees that the ref has lost it - he should replace him ! simple as ! Refs should be subjects not objects in the game
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You can see why they said those things, heat of the moment and all that
and I fully expect Fergie to get a ban *yawn* though he was right in what he
said. Im very disappointed that Queiroz mentioned Taylor. That was a low blow
in my eyes. I know he apologised but it wasnt so long ago that we were moaning
about Wenger for doing the same.
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