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Fergie questions Blatter credibility
Sir Alex Ferguson believes FIFA president Sepp Blatter is in danger of becoming an object of ridicule after his comments on Cristiano Ronaldo.

In July, Blatter said Ronaldo should be allowed to leave Manchester United for Real Madrid if he wanted, suggesting players are slaves to their clubs.

The Portuguese winger eventually stayed at Old Trafford but Ferguson has hit out at the 72-year-old.

In an interview with GQ published in The Times, the Scot said: "I think Sepp Blatter is in danger...or has reached a point now where he is being mocked within the game.

"Whether he is getting too old, I don't know.

"But things can happen to people in power. Look at some of the despots in Africa."

While denying he was likening Blatter to a dictator, he went on: "That would be ridiculous. All I'm saying is that, from a position of great power, he has uttered so many ridiculous statements that he is in danger of seriously damaging his credibility.

"So when he came out with that stuff it created a furore and rightly so, the year after the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery."

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