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eoininho said:
Absolutely ridiculous ruling... completely undermines the referees!!!

I was under the impression that you have to be able to prove that the incident in question was not worthy of any card full stop... not that a red was given where it should have been a yellow... so basically the FA has decided that John Terry (England Captain who spat on a fellow professional, who always gets away with deliberately cheating, handling in the box etc.) was not only not guilty of a red card for his professional foul on Jo... but that he was not guilty of even a yellow card... which is an absolute disgrace to football that this has happened and as a protest every club should appeal every red card for the rest of the season ...

there should be a full on investigation into this its as bad as the match fixing in Italy !!!

Its blatent favouritism towards Chelsea rent boy scum! i cant beleive this has happened!
I was under the same impression so has this now set a precedent and is there now going to be a spate of appeals this season everytime someone has a different opinion from the ref.
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